31 Halloween Party Game Ideas for Adults

If you’ve ever been to a boring adult Halloween party, these Halloween party game ideas for adults are the perfect solution to make sure your guests don’t fall asleep on the couch.

31 halloween adult party games

Halloween parties for adults sound fun and exciting, until you realize the sad fact that you’re an adult and we all know that adults are VERY, VERY BORING.

Adults have jobs, they have responsibilities, they might even have kids and had to hire a babysitter just to come sit on your couch dressed up in their pajamas while checking their phone anxiously every 15 minutes.

I’ve gone to recent parties with some of my friends from the “good old days” where we literally just stood around a table of sad looking pretzels in a bowl and talked about our jobs.

Don’t let this happen at your grown-up Halloween party: Plan some fun games for your guests to enjoy! This list of 31 ideas will hopefully give you lots of inspiration for a fun time!

1. Play a Murder Mystery Game {All Audiences!}

Murder Mystery Games are always a fun thing to do with a group of friends!

You can find different murder mystery games with all sorts of different themes and plots. Some are funny and silly, others are darker and more serious. It just depends what sort of thing you like!

See More Murder Mystery Game Ideas Here

2. Play Pick Your Poison

Pick your poison is a fun adult card game that can help you learn more about your friends at the same time.

This is a game of “would you rather” that is sure to spark some interesting conversations between guests.

The Family Edition of Pick Your Poison is the main edition of the game and is appropriate for all ages and different groups. You could play it with your kids, your grandmother, your co-workers without getting into too much trouble.

And yes, of course if you’re hanging out with your *real* friends, they also offer a NSFW edition if you really want some good laughs.

3. Do Whatever: Let’s Get Weird

Being weird at Halloween is totally acceptable, and what better way to be weird with a group of friends than with a game called Whatever by Let’s Get Weird.

The game is introduced as this: “Do not play this game with children- only with your friends who still act like children.”

This game is a card game with a similar style of truth and dare, with just way more original and super weird ideas you probably wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

NSFW, and maybe not even for you or your friends, but could be a lot of fun with the right group of people.

4. Halloween Costume Swap

This one isn’t a party game you can buy, but an easy enough of a one to play without too much trouble.

Tell your guests to each bring a costume, but to not wear it to the party. When guests arrive, place each costume in its own paper bag and put them all together in a box.

When all of the guests have arrived and you are ready to play the game, have everyone gather around and randomly hand each person a bag.

They can decide to swap if others if they wish at this point – without looking whats inside.

Turn off the main lights {but make sure there’s enough light guests can still see somewhat} and instruct all guests to put on the costumes.

Once everybody is in their costume the best they possibly can be, turn on the lights and take turns with everybody guessing who the costume they are wearing belongs to.

Afterwards, you can decide whether or not guests put on their proper costumes or just take turns exchanging different costumes all night long!

5. Werewolf: A Game for Devious People

Werewolf is a strategy card game that has the full cast of Halloween characters: Werewolves, Witches, and of course Villagers.

The gameplay is similar to that of Mafia, but with a different twists to keep it interesting and of course right on topic with a theme of Halloween.

There are also a few different makers and variations of the game. Bezier Games Deluxe Werewolf Edition is a similar style game but with different graphics and a few extra twists.

6. Guess the Scary Movie Game

This is an easy enough game to play with any group of movie buffs.

Divide the group into two teams. The first team will randomly choose any line from a favorite Halloween or scary movie they can think and the second team takes turns guessing what it is.

Once the second team correctly identifies the movie, it is then their turn to say a line for the other team to guess.

7. Halloween Dance Challenge

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really consider it a party unless there is officially some dancing.

All you need is to make up a playlist of your favorite Halloween songs and a way to play music at the party – and of course ample space for dancing!

To make this a game, you can have a dance-off competition with partners, or you can simply have friends take turns making up their best Halloween dance moves to go with the songs.

For example, Play Rob Zombie music and guests must dance like a zombie, or play Wolves by Selena Gomez & Marshmellow while guests show off their best “if werewolves could dance” dance moves.

8. Capture the Flag {Halloween Edition}

Capture the Flag is a classic kids game that can be a lot of fun if you have an active group of adults.

This is a game that is best played outdoors if space and weather permits, but can also be played in a large area indoors if there is ample room for people to run around and not break anything.

To give the game a Halloween spin, you can either use Halloween themed garden flags or even use Halloween themed items as the flag. For example, one team could be witches, the other team could be cats. You could even make the actual flag be a pumpkin!

Learn How to Play Capture the Flag Here

9. Halloween Charades

Charades is always a fun game to play. You can either pick up Halloween themed Charades cards or simply just write down anything you can think of for Halloween on strips of paper and toss them in a basket.

See Halloween Charades Game for a free printable you can download.

10. Find the Creepy Doll

This is a variation of hide and seek, but instead of having everyone hide, you instead hide a doll for everyone to find.

For this game, all you need is a creepy doll. You can either make one or buy one, it can be cute or as creepy as you like. The party host will show everyone the doll and then hide it somewhere for guests to find.

11. Cackle Contest

Who can cackle the best? Have your guests compete with each other to outperform the others with their best cackling “Woo-Hoo-Hee-Hee-Ha-Ha” evil witch up to no good laugh they can come up with.

12. Make a Mummy

This is a pretty easy enough game if you’re a slacker of a party host and your friends ask what games you have planned for the night. Just grab some TP & divide your group into teams – whatever team gets a person on the team wrapped up like a mummy first wins!

13. Halloween Impromptu Night

For this game, you’ll want to divide your guests into even teams between 3-5 people each.

You will also need to make a “prop basket” that has a wide variety of different Halloween themed props, such as a witches hat, miniature broom or white sheet. The more varied the items the better!

Each team is given about 20 minutes to choose a prop and decide on a general story idea. Each team then takes turn giving a performance.

If you have friends who don’t like to perform in front of a group but enjoy the show, you can make them be judges to determine which team wins.

14. Light Up Badminton

Every group of adult friends should play Badminton together at least once, and if Halloween is the only time you ever get together, you might as well make the most of it with a light-up LED badminton set!

15. Mad Libs

Mad Libs isn’t just for kids – you just need grown-up friends who are good at coming up with whatever nouns, adjectives, and verbs that would make the stories fun and silly.

halloween game ideas for adults

16. Silent Killer Party Game

This is a game to play in the dark. Each player is given a slip of paper that says whether they will be a victim or killer.

Learn how to play the game here.

17. Pass the Apple

This is a classic relay style game that can be played very easily in the autumn season around Halloween, especially when apples are so abundant!

Each group divides into teams and stand in a line to “pass the apple” to the person standing next to them. The only catch? You can’t use your hands! The first team to successfully get their apple from one side of the line to the other wins!

18. Guess the Drawing Game

You really can’t go wrong with a bunch of adults trying to draw something and people guessing what it is you might be drawing.

Here’s a fun variation of drawing guessing games that can work with small groups of three people up to a whole crowd of people.

19. Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

Hey, whoever declared glow-in-the-dark eggs and egg hunts were only meant for Easter? You could fill up glow in the dark eggs with Halloween candy and then have all your friends make a mad dash to find stuff.

{Of course, you’re adults – no one says you have to stuff the eggs with candy, either. Maybe get giant glow-in-the-dark easter eggs and tiny sampler bottles of adult beverages, or fill them up with other little trinkets your friends might appreciate.

If you want to make it super challenging, get something like these eyeball easter eggs and make your friends find them all in the dark, no flashlights allowed.

See this list of what to fill easter eggs with for adult egg hunt ideas.

20. Pumpkin Rolling

This is an easy enough of a concept that can be adapted with lots of variations – race to see who can roll a pumpkin the fastest across a field!

21. Zombie Races

Race to the prize…like a zombie! 🙂

Assign people to teams on whether they will be a zombie or a human. Zombies and humans must race to the prize, but zombies are able to tag humans out. Humans only can race as fast as they can.

22. Witch’s Broom

This is an easy enough party game you can play – all you need is a broom. The first person must do a short dance with the witch’s broom, and then every player must try to perfectly copy the dance. If the player cannot dance like the first witch, they are out. Keep going around in a circle until everybody’s had a chance to be the witch!

23. Terror Tag

This is a game where people are assigned to be either a ghost or a human. When a ghost tags a human, they become a ghost. Keep playing until no humans remain.









We’ve been to a lot of really boring grown-up Halloween parties where people basically just sit on a couch and talk about their jobs. Don’t be that party host! Make it fun!

Hopefully this list inspires you and your boring grown-up friends to have a very Happy Halloween and great time together at your next Halloween party!

Do you have any fun ideas for Halloween party games for adults not on this list? Which games on this list do you most want to try with your friends? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments section below!

Help Cat Find His Pumpkin Party Game for Young Kids

Oh dear, a lost cat can’t find his pumpkin! This is a fun and easy party game for young kids where the kids help a plush cat find his missing pumpkin.

Note: This is a variation of our party game for young kids Where’s the Witch – we just substitute the witch with a pumpkin.

{If you are substituting with a pumpkin, you could instead say, “Oh dear, the cat has lost his pumpkin! He was all ready to carve it and it rolled away! Can we help him find it?”}

How to Play Help the Cat Find His Pumpkin Halloween Game

Preparation & Materials:

For this game, you will need a plush toy black cat and a pumpkin.

You very well may already have a black cat plush toy at home already, but just in case you don’t, there are also so many super cute options to consider!

You can either use a real small pie pumpkin, or you can also opt for a plush or decorative pumpkin to use.

Before the game starts and the kids are not in the room, carefully and strategically hide the pumpkin in a place that will remain completely out of sight from the children.

Game Story

When you are ready to play the game, introduce the black cat plush toy to the kids.

Say to the kids,

“Oh no! It looks like we have a lost cat here! Wait, what’s that?”

Hold up the cat to your ear and pretend it is whispering something to you. “Oh dear, the cat has lost his pumpkin!” – “What’s that? You were going to carve your pumpkin and it rolled away!?! Oh no! Your pumpkin is missing?

Turn to the kids, “Do you think we can find the missing pumpkin? The cat says that pumpkin is sure to be somewhere in this room?”

Have the kids look in certain places where the pumpkin most definitely is not. You can either call on specific kids in the group to check specific spots of the room, or you can let them all go to a certain area depending on space and size.

For example, you could have them check in the closet, or behind a piece of furniture, or inside a drawer of a desk or even an empty classroom next door.

Keep playing up the cat’s distress and ask kids for other suggestions for where the pumpkin could be.

Once you find the pumpkin & reveal where it is, make a big deal of the cat for being so happy for the kids could help him find his pumpkin.

After this game, you can tell the kids to thank them the cat have made a special treat for them and pass out a snack, stickers or other treat the group might enjoy.

I hope you enjoy this fun game with your group and of course if you try playing this game with your group of kids tell us how they like it in the comments section below!

Where’s The Witch? Halloween Group Game for Young Kids

This is a fun game for kids that can be played even with very young children and toddlers. Older kids may be a bit skeptical about you talking to stuffed animals. {But they still might enjoy it!}

Note: If you like the general idea of this game but do not want to use a witch {ie: for a church group where witchcraft would be conflicting}, you definitely might want to check out our variation for “Help Cat Find a Pumpkin” game.

How to Play Where’s the Witch Halloween Game

Preparation & Materials:

For this game, you will need a plush toy witch and plush toy black cat. You very well may already have these at home, but there are a bazillion adorable versions you can order online. 🙂

When kids are not in the room for the party, carefully and strategically hide the witch plush character somewhere in the room completely out of sight from the kids.

Game Story

When you are ready to play the game, introduce the black cat plush toy to the kids.

Say to the kids,

“Oh no! It looks like we have a lost cat here! Wait, what’s that?”

Hold up the cat to your ear and pretend it is whispering something to you. “Oh dear, the cat has lost his owner!” – “What? Your owner is a witch? She fell off her broom and now you can’t find her?!!”

Turn to the kids, “Do you think we can find the missing witch? The cat says she is sure to be somewhere in this room?”

Have the kids look in certain places where the witch/pumpkin most definitely is not. You can either call on specific kids in the group to check specific spots of the room, or you can let them all go to a certain area depending on space and size.

For example, you could have them check in the closet, or behind a piece of furniture, or inside a drawer of a desk.

Keep playing up the cat’s distress and ask kids for other suggestions for where the witch could be.

Once you find the witch & reveal where it is, make a big deal of the cat and the witch being so happy for the kids help for re-uniting them.

After this game, you can tell the kids to thank them the witch and cat have made a special treat for them and pass out a snack, stickers or other treat the group might enjoy.

17 Halloween Party Games for Kids

Looking for some fun Halloween party game ideas for kids? We’ve got you covered with this giant list of games you can play with kids.

These game ideas are perfect for school Halloween parties or even just a kid-friendly fun event to enjoy with family and friends.

halloween party games for kids

1. Halloween Memory Tray Game

This Halloween themed memory tray game is simple to set up and can be a lot of fun. We’re including it in our list of Halloween games for kids, but of course even adults could have fun with this one at a party at the office or at your church or club.

All you need to do is set up a tray with different Halloween themed items, give guests a chance to look at it for a set period of time, and then cover it up and make them all try their best to remember what all was on it. Whoever correctly writes down the most items wins.

This is also a very easy to implement and setup game for school parties that will make the other parents and teachers bask in your genius ideas.

“You always think of the best party games for the kids!” they’ll exclaim.

You can learn more on how to play and see some additional ideas and examples of Halloween Memory Tray Games here.

2. Pinata

What kid doesn’t love a piñata? You can find all sorts of different designs, shapes and styles specifically for Halloween.

This is also super simple to set up, buy a pinata that matches your party theme, stuff with candy, give kids a chance to swing.

Pro Parent Tip: Check out our blog post on How to Have a Pinata at a Party With No Tears to make sure it is fun and safe for everybody!

3. Halloween Charades

Charades is a fun game where kids act out a scene or character and everyone in the room tries to guess what it is.

You can find a free printable halloween charades game on our site here or you can of course buy a boxed game if you want something easy and simple to use for many more years to come!

4. Halloween Bingo

Halloween Bingo is just like any other bingo, except instead of numbers, you call out different Halloween words or images.

You can use candy corn as markers, or of course stick with traditional bingo chips. Download a free Halloween Bingo game printable here.

5. Pumpkin Ring Toss

This is a super fun and easy game to play. All you need is a set of rings and a couple of pumpkins spaced out at different intervals.

Kids take turns tossing the rings around the stem of each pumpkin.

6. Haunted Duck Pond

Think of a typical duck pond carnival style game, but with floating Halloween themed characters instead. Yes, they do have rubber ducks for halloween, but you could also mix in some floating ghosts, witches, and vampires.

Having some sort of prize for these games is a good idea – so you could have a box with different things like small toys, pencils, novelty pens, plush animals, or balls – or you could just let the kids keep the ghost/duck/floating creature they pick up!

See our list of best party favors & small prizes for children for some ideas.

7. Ghost, Witch, Vampire

This is a game that is a lot like Red Light, Green Light, except instead of calling out words like “Red Light” and they stop – you call out things like “Ghost” or “Witch” and the kids have to do a coordinating action.

See how to play Ghost Witch Vampire Here

8. Where’s the Witch?

This is a fun and easy game that offers a lot of different variations to match with the theme and audience of your party and another good one for school parties. It’s especially good for large groups, such as kindergarten and preschool aged kids.

{Note: If you don’t want to do a witch theme, you can substitute the witch for a pumpkin or other character}

Learn How to Play Where’s the Witch?

9. Dodge the Floating Pumpkin

This is a variation of dodgeball that kids can have a lot of fun with, especially since balloons aren’t nearly as painful as a dodgeball smacking you in the back in gym class.

For this game, you will need a few orange balloons blown up, divided into baskets for each team.

Divide your party guests into teams, give them their basket

Players who are hit with balloons will be out – the team with the most players remaining wins.

10. Pin the Tail on The Black Cat

This is a variation of the game Pin the Tail on The Donkey – just with a black cat for Halloween of course!

You can either make your own black cat silhouette out of posterboard, or buy an inexpensive game to use over and over again for future parties!

11. Halloween Music Chairs

For this game, setup like you would play regular musical chairs – and just use your favorite Halloween songs for kids!

12. Halloween Tag

This is a variation of tag where one player is “It” and the other players must try to not be tagged. If a player is about to be tagged, they can call out a Halloween word such as “Pumpkin” or “Ghost” or “Werewolf” and sit down in place to not get tagged for up to 5 seconds.

To make this game a bit more fair amongst kids of different ages and sizes, you can set a timer so that no child is “It” for longer than 3-4 minutes.

13. Trick or Treat Relay Race

This is a relay race style game where each team must successfully carry a trick or treat bag or container to the other side to grab a treat and make it back to their team to dump the treat in their team’s basket.

14. Halloween Bean Bag Toss

There are tons of adorable bean bag toss games made especially for Halloween! You can simply set up with orange & black bean bags and buckets, or of course you can check out some of these Halloween bean bag games to buy.

15. Halloween Guessing Jars

For this game, you will need several jars that you fill up with different Halloween themed items. It can be a piece of candy, or it can be as simple as a jar filled up with dried black beans. Whoever comes closest to guessing the right amount wins.

16. Spider Race

This is a fun clothesline racing style game you can play with older kids and teens.

For this game, you will need a clothesline with pulley system and spider toys that can be connected to it. The team that gets all of their spiders successfully to the other side wins.

17. Halloween Tic Tac Toe

This is a classic game of tic-tac-toe that is played with Halloween themed characters instead of your traditional X’s & O’s.

This game is relatively simple to make, but of course there are lots of Halloween Tic Tac Toe games you could also buy to use for your kid’s Halloween party!

I hope you enjoy this list of Halloween game ideas for kids, and of course if you play any of these games or have other games you think we should add to this list we’d love to hear about it! Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

pumpkin carving ideas

Looking for creative pumpkin carving ideas? We’ve rounded up our favorites we’ve found online to give you lots of inspiration on ways to carve a jack-o-lantern this Halloween!

1. Classically Cute Jack-o-Lantern Faces

You can never go wrong with a classic jack-o-lantern face!

pumpkin carving ideas
Nothing spooky about this – just 100% cute!

2. Add Dry Ice for Dramatic Effect

pumpkin dry ice

Think a plain old face is boring? Add some dry ice inside the pumpkin for a spooky fog effect!

dry ice pumpkin 2

3. Carve a Mini Pumpkin

Why only carve one jack-o-lantern when you can carve two? These are some great examples of ideas for what you can achieve when you combine smaller decorative gourds with larger pumpkins!

creative creature

This little pumpkin doesn’t look too happy to be lunch for the bigger pumpkin!

pumpkin in jail

Hey, let me out! This is a clever design where the larger jack-o-lantern serves as a jail cell for the smaller one stuck behind bars.

4. Try Etching Instead of Carving

Pumpkins have a very thick outer shell that can be etched with all sorts of different elaborate designs.

If the idea of “pumpkin guts” and seeds everywhere sounds messy to you, this is a great way to enjoy the carving process without all the goop.

pumpkin carving skull
This sugar skull is a beautiful design to combine traditions of Día de Muertos with the traditional pumpkin carving.

5. Turn That Frown Upside Down

Sometimes just changing the angle and place you carve can give you some fun and creative results.

A pumpkin turned on its side can give you great opportunity to use the stem as a nose!

sideways pumpkin dace
Look how happy this pumpkin is to have a nose!

6. Add Decorations & Accessories

Almost any type of carving can be dressed up with the right accessories! You can use natural materials like pine cones, sticks, twigs, and other plants from your garden.

funny halloween pumpkin ideas
This one is definitely ready to party.

Want to keep it organic. This creative creature below has snap peas for horns and a cucumber for a nose!

crazy garden
This one almost seems like perfect horror movie character, except its hard to take someone seriously if they have snap peas sticking out of their head.

Of course, not all decorations or accessories need to be elaborate. I love this adorable “baby” punkin with a pacifier!

baby pumpkin with pacifier

7. Create a Creature!

Here’s a fun and playful frog creature made by creatively stacking different sized gourds together.

funny pumpkin frog
Ribbit, Ribbit

We will continue to update this list with new ideas as we find them – it’s always fun to see what people think of!

Did you carve a pumpkin you’re proud of that you’d like to see included in this list? Send us your best Halloween pumpkin carving ideas here and of course tell us which pumpkin is your favorite in the list below!

No-Carve Pumpkin Painting Ideas

pretty painted pumpkins

Are you looking for some creative inspiration for how to paint a pumpkin? These no-carve pumpkin painting ideas are sure to give you some inspiration!

Pumpkins Painted White & Decorated With Artificial Flowers

pretty painted pumpkins

These pumpkins are classy and a very creative way to celebrate the bright autumn blooms of fall flowers.

These are also fairly simple to make: Paint the pumpkin white and then glue on your choice of artificial flowers & leaves.

pumpkin painted ideas

These two pumpkins are definitely very creative! The pumpkin on the left features a pumpkin painted in white with a sugar skull design and the pumpkin of the right has a nice haunted house and tree silhouette painted on it.

Pumpkin Piggies!

Who says you have to decorate your pumpkins to look like Halloween decorations? These three little pink piggies are adorable!

Cute & Spooky All at Once


This pumpkin reminds us a little bit of the Nightmare Before Christmas – spooky and cute at the same time!

The Scary Pumpkin King

scary pumpkin king

Don’t mess with the pumpkin king!

Just Add Googly Eyes: No Glue or Paint Needed!

These sort of pumpkins don’t even need to be painted. You can buy extra large craft eyes with the adhesive backing already on them, making this is a great easy and mess-free Halloween craft to do with kids.

The Strange, Funny & Silly Painted Pumpkins

We found some pretty silly – and sometimes just strange – ideas for different ways to paint pumpkins. These may not be your own personal style, but they sure do show just how creative you can be!

Pumpkin Head People

We found an abundance of pumpkin people! If you want to do some silly or quirky, these are all great ideas!

funny pumpkin
This pumpkin person looks like they had a rough day at the office.
tanya the turnip

We’re not sure what the story is with Tanya Turnip in this photo we found on Pixabay, but it does give us lots of inspiration to make our own pumpkin people characters!

Do you have a Halloween pumpkin painting idea you’d like us to include in this post? Submit your creative projects here!