10 Ways to Celebrate National Craft Month

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People Making Paper Flowers Craft Art Work Handicraft
People Making Paper Flowers Craft Art Work Handicraft

March of every year is National Craft Month! Today we give you 10 fun and creative ideas for how to celebrate National Craft Month this March.

If you love making holiday crafts, this makes the month of March super fun, because you can make crafts of all sorts of types.

If you’re excited about National Craft Month, here are some fun ways to celebrate, as well as a brief explanation about the history of this holiday.

What is National Craft Month?

National craft month was created by the Craft & Hobby Association in 1994.

The Craft & Hobby Association is an organization that helps support those in the creative arts industries.

They have a number of resources to help their organizations provide products and services which educate, entertain, and inspire creative people around the globe.

The celebration of crafts in March began with only a handful of participants in its early beginning years, but today now many creative types celebrate – even if they are not a craft product or services organization.

Crafting is fun any time of the year, and so for us crafty types, this is a great reason to celebrate your favorite fun creative activities!

national craft month

Here are 10 ways to celebrate National Craft Month!

This list of ideas is just a starting point! There are no rules or wrong way to celebrate crafting in the month of March! Being creative is the whole point of the holiday, so enjoy it however you see fit!

Idea #1: 31 Day Creative Challenge

craft month 31 day challenge

What better way to get the most out of National Craft Month than to challenge yourself to make something creative every single day of the month?

Whether you try a new medium or stick to one you already enjoy, you’ll find this creative challenge a fun way to stretch your imagination and creativity!

To maximize your success for meeting the challenge, choose projects which are small and only require 20 minutes to an hour.

For example, you could do a “Doodle a Day” challenge, or begin a crochet or weaving project that you work 20-30 minutes on a little bit each and every day.

Idea #2: Have a Craft-a-Long Party!

This is a fun idea that can be done for adults or for your kids. Gather up your favorite craft supplies, invite some friends, make some snacks and enjoy an afternoon or evening of making fun crafts together!

Your party can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Here are some examples of crafts you could make during your party:

  • Paper Flowers
  • Origami
  • Acrylic or Watercolor Painting
  • Beaded Bracelets
  • Knit/Crochet-a-long
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Coloring Book Pages
  • Card Making

Idea #3: Make an Inspiration Journal

Do you have craft projects saved on Pinterest that you have been wanting to try?

Maybe you have a list of different art ideas you want to explore. A craft journal is a great way to keep track of all of your creative ideas!

All you will need to get started is a simple notebook or journal, a printer with paper, and a glue stick. Craft and hobby magazines with project ideas and inspirational quotes can also be great to have to clip pictures, word phrases and articles from.

Add your inspired ideas to the pages in the journal with glue sticks, decorative washi tape, or even a simple stapler. Lastly, don’t forget to decorate your journal cover!

Idea #4: Make March Holiday Themed Crafts

March is full of all kinds of great themes and holidays and special events.

With so many different types of crafts perfect for March, no wonder this is the time of year we celebrate National Craft Month!

Here are just a few of the other holidays in March that might be inspiring to you:

  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Spring Crafts
  • Lion/Lamb crafts
  • Easter {While Easter is not always in March, it frequently is close enough!}
  • Kite Day crafts
  • Green colored crafts

Idea #5: Learn a New Skill

National Craft Month is a great opportunity to explore new mediums and craft activities.

For example, if you have never tried knitting before, this would be a fantastic time to learn! Maybe you are new to the world of polymer clay, or have never tried painting.

All of these are great ways to get started in exploring new creative crafts for the month of March!

Idea #6: Cook Up Something Creative

While most of us usually associate creative activities with arts and crafts, there is no limit for ways to practice creativity in your everyday life!

For example, you could choose to celebrate your creativity and hone your cooking skills by crafting new recipes and dishes right in your kitchen!

Curious on what to make? Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • Gourmet Cupcakes
  • Artisan Breads
  • Foods From Around the World
  • Holiday Soups
  • Food Art

With these ideas, you’ll be cooking up tasty treats in no time!

Idea #7: Visit a Craft Show or Art Gallery Exhibit Near You

There are always craft shows and vendor events where many handmade artists share their creations year round. You can also visit local art gallery exhibits as well.

Check your area’s local events calendars to see if there might be a handmade festival or arts and crafts fair near your town or city and make a point to go to it!

While you are at the craft show, look at different types of arts and crafts you see. Are there any you want to learn more about?

Maybe you’ll find a new hobby while you’re exploring – or even come home with some handmade things you like!

Idea #8: Take a Craft Class Online or In Person

There are many classes available online for learning different crafts. You can find video tutorials EVERYWHERE – for almost every possible craft technique out there!

If you like painting, maybe you could join some other like-minded artists at an acrylic painting workshop.

You could also check your local craft stores to see if they offer any available craft classes – many often do!

If you enjoy sewing, check your local quilt shops’ calendars – many of these shops have special activities for the month of March!

Idea #9: Craft for Others

Want to make National Craft Month extra special? Use your creative powers for good!

You can make gifts for friends and family members, or even create special cards to surprise someone in the mail.

You can also check into special programs where people create items such as hats and art for charity.

This gives your love for creating and making things a great way to help others who could use their spirits lifted!

Idea #10: Use Nature for Inspiration

With the seasons changing for many people as March sweeps in, it’s a great time to use nature for inspiration.

You can use many items from nature for creating art – such as pine cones, sticks and twigs, and more.

You can also be good to nature by choosing to use craft materials that are recycled, or reuse something that you would normally throw away, such as old cereal boxes.

Using old cardboard boxes for your creative pursuits can be a great way to save money AND be environmentally friendly in your creative process!

Another way to incorporate nature into your work? Why not make something for the outdoors? You could create garden signs, or even build and paint your very own bird house!

The Sky is the Limit on Ways to Celebrate National Craft Month!

There are no rules for how you can celebrate this fun and creative holiday, so be creative and choose to do things you love to do! Plan in lots of time to catch up on those unfinished projects, or explore trying new techniques and skills.

I hope you enjoy these ideas for ways to celebrate National Craft Month in March, and don’t forget to mark it on your calendar so you can enjoy the 31 days of the month of march to their very creative and inspiring fullest!

What will you do to celebrate National Craft month this year? Tell us about your projects in the comments section below!

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