Halloween Charades Game Free Printable

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Charades is always a fun party game and today we are excited to bring you this free printable Halloween themed charades game!

All you need to do to play is to print out the download at the end of this post, cut out the cards, and then have fun guessing what the other person acts out. You could play as teams or individuals and this is a great activity for families, school parties and more!

You could also use this game to play Halloween themed Pictionary where you take turns drawing the pictures on the cards and letting others guess what it might be!

This game set includes 18 printable game cards. You can preview what they look like with the images in this blog post. Be sure you download the high-resolution version of this file at the end of this post to make sure you get the best possible print quality!

The printable game cards come in PDF format. This makes them easy to download and print no matter what type of device you are using. You could print this from your smart phone to a wireless printer and of course it works on Mac and Windows PCs as well.

Below is a preview of the second page of the PDF file.

Here is a List of All The Charade Prompts:

We’ve included a list of all 18 prompts on our website here for your convenience – of course you can’t get any easier than printing it out!

  1. A witch stirring her brew
  2. Walk like Frankenstein
  3. trick-or- treater
  4. a vampire
  5. smelly feet
  6. monster
  7. a spooky owl
  8. carving a pumpkin
  9. monster mash dance
  10. a witch on a broom
  11. ninja
  12. watching a scary movie
  13. a spider
  14. a ghost
  15. a pumpkin patch
  16. a piece of candy
  17. Graveyard
  18. a haunted house

This is a fun way to spend time together and I am sure you will enjoy this game whether you are playing Halloween Games for Adults or Halloween Games for Kids!

Download Your Free Printable Halloween Charade Game Below!

To download the game, simply click on the link below.

Download “Halloween Charades Game”

halloween-charades-printable-game.pdf – Downloaded 1477 times – 25.94 KB

I hope you enjoy this game and of course if you play Halloween charades I would love to hear about your experiences! How will you be using this free printable charade game for Halloween? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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