Halloween Cupcake Ideas

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Looking for some fun Halloween cupcake decorating ideas? Here’s a round-up of all our favorite ways to decorate cupcakes for Halloween.

halloween cupcake ideas

Jack-O-Lantern Shaped Cupcakes

These jack-o-lantern pumpkin cupcakes are fun and easy to make with fondant, but could also be achieved using orange icing and black and green icing accents to add the eyes and stem on top.

You can use a butter knife or toothpick to shape in the ridges for the pumpkin in the icing to give it a more realistic pumpkin shape.

Oreo Cookie Halloween Cupcakes

oreo cookie spider cupcake

This is a very creative Halloween cupcake idea where an Oreo cookie is used as the spider’s body. Ice the cupcake with green frosting, place cookie on top, use black icing for the legs.

Halloween Sign, Pumpkin & Black Star Sprinkles

simple stars and pumpkins

This is a super simple idea and easy to recreate – all you need are Halloween sign and pumpkin decorations that are food safe.

Ice your cupcakes with orange frosting, top with star sprinkles and insert the decorations.

Ghost Cupcake Ideas

ghost peeps

Ghost shaped peeps make for a super easy way to decorate any sort of cupcake to have a Halloween theme!

You can also choose to accent the ghosts and additionally decorate the icing with leaf shaped sprinkles.

Gravestone & Pumpkin Cupcakes

Halloween cupcake
Halloween cupcakes decorated with pumpkin fondant and tombstone cookie.

This spooky cupcake features a gravestone with RIP and pumpkins. This is easy to recreate with cookies and pumpkin shaped candies!

Sprinkle the cupcakes with black or brown sugar sprinkles and it can even have a realistic touch of “dirt”.

halloween cupcake gravestones

Spider Cupcakes

Halloween cupcakes
Halloween cupcakes with decorations of spiders and spider web.

Spiders are a very easy way to decorate almost any cupcake. You can either use icing to paint on a decorative spider web, or of course you can always use toys or candy shaped like spiders.

Note: If there will be small children at your Halloween party, be sure that any decorations you use are edible – kids don’t always know whether or not the decorations are meant to be eaten or not.

Spooky Night Cupcakes

spooky night cupcakes
Swirls of black, purple and blue frosting can give you a classic look for any upscale Halloween party.

These starry night cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat – almost! This would be a great idea to use for cupcakes if you are going with a bewitching theme or are throwing an upscale Halloween bash.

While this technique of swirled frosting looks complicated, it can actually be achieved pretty easily – simply stripe the icing piping bag with 3 or 4 different colors and swirl on with your favorite icing tip.

Classic Witch Hat Cupcakes

classic witch hat cupcakes

These witch hat cupcakes are adorable and are made just with frosting. Start with a red cream frosting, dollop with black frosting for the hats, and then add the white and gold trim with frosting for the brim of the hat.

Fondant Witch Hat Cupcakes

witches hat cupcakes

If you prefer to work with fondant to make your witch hats for your cupcakes, here is an easy to create idea. Shape the fondant into witch hats and put on top of your cupcakes!

You can also sometimes find witch hats ready to use in some specialty baking shops in the months of September and October – just in time for Halloween cupcake decorating season.

Witch Leg Cupcakes

How cute are these silly cupcakes with witch legs? Decorate with green frosting and then insert fondant or candy legs and tip with some decorative black sprinkles.

White Chocolate Ghost Candy Toppers

Many candy shops this time of year sell ghost shaped candies – they are perfect cupcake toppers, or even good enough just to enjoy on their own!

Creepy Eye Ball Cupcakes

eyeball cupcake

Is someone staring at me? These creepy eye ball cupcakes might be a little more than some of us can handle, but are easy enough to recreate with red gel icing and eyeball shaped candies or cupcake decorations on top.

Do you have any cupcake decorating ideas for Halloween you’d like to share? Which one of these cupcakes do you want to eat first? Tell us your favorite Halloween cupcake ideas in the comments section below!

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