How to Keep Your Pets Safe at Christmas Time

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We all love spending Christmas with our pets but it’s important to remember that a lot of decorations and traditions can sometimes be dangerous to our favorite furry friends. Today we’ve put together a list of what you can do to help keep your pets safe at Christmas time this holiday season.

1. Take Care With Lighting, Wires, Cords, and Electric Outlets

christmas lights border on wood background

Some pets love to chew, which can be very dangerous around electrical wires! We actually had a cat one year become dangerously tangled in our Christmas tree lights which resulted in me having to very quickly unplug them and actually cut the wires so he would not be harmed.

If you have cats who love to climb trees or a dog who might chew on cords, it’s important to keep your pet safely out of harm’s way. Supervising pets around trees and decorations is a good idea, and be sure to crate them or keep them in another closed safe space at night so they can’t get into trouble while you are sleeping.

2. Avoid Poisonous Plants

Christmas flower poinsettia in living room, on lights window background. Natural toned photo
Christmas flower poinsettia in living room, on lights window background.

Live plants might be beautiful during the holiday season, but many popular favorites, such as poinsettias and amaryllis flowers can be quite toxic to both cats and dogs.

If you love the idea of having plants for the holidays, consider growing cat grass in a decorative Christmas pot, or keep plants enclosed in a glass greenhouse where they will be out of reach from your pet..

3. Watch Out for Foods That Are Not Safe for Your Pet

Delicious Christmas chocolate and sweets on rustic background

We all love to treat our pets to delicious foods, but often times the foods we can eat are not always safe for animals. For example, dogs can become very sick when they eat chocolate…which unfortunately is a popular treat for gifts and stockings.

Be sure that you keep all candy and chocolate items safely out of reach, and avoid the temptation to give your pets what you are eating as it may cause your dog or cat to get sick.

4. Be Sure to Clean Up Wrapping Paper Right Away

Golden wrapping paper rolls
Golden wrapping paper rolls

Wrapping paper is another hazard that can harm pets, as they often like to chew on it and play with it. Unfortunately, eating wrapping paper can cause them to choke or other problems if they ingest the paper. Make sure you clean up any wrapping paper from gifts right away!

Ribbons, string, and bows can also pose a hazard to your pet. Be sure to to keep these out of reach at all times.

5. Use Caution Around Candles

Christmas candles and ornaments
Christmas candles and ornaments

Candles are beautiful accents for any Christmas decoration, but they do pose a fire hazard. If your pets are clumsy, it is quite possible that a dog or cat to easily knock a lit candle over, possibly putting not only them but your entire family in danger of fire.

Another thing to consider is some fragrances and essential oils may be toxic to pets if ingested or if it comes in contact with skin. Always give your pet a place to go that doesn’t have scented candles burning or an essential oil running.

6. Use Space Heaters Sparingly

cropped view of girl with blanket warming up with heater in cold room

As the cold weather moves in with winter, space heaters are another thing that can be potentially dangerous for you and your pets. Always keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from any furniture, curtains, or other objects and only use them sparingly.

The photo above of the woman with a blanket dangerously close to the heater is an example of exactly what NOT to do.

Be sure that you ALWAYS turn them off when sleeping and never leave your pet unattended when one is on. Unplug the space heater when not in use.

Keeping your pets safe at Christmas time and year-round is always important. With a little planning and some basic safety precautions, you can be sure that your pet stays safe during the holidays. Do you have any tips for how to keep your pet safe during the holidays? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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