No-Carve Pumpkin Painting Ideas

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Are you looking for some creative inspiration for how to paint a pumpkin? These no-carve pumpkin painting ideas are sure to give you some inspiration!

Pumpkins Painted White & Decorated With Artificial Flowers

pretty painted pumpkins

These pumpkins are classy and a very creative way to celebrate the bright autumn blooms of fall flowers.

These are also fairly simple to make: Paint the pumpkin white and then glue on your choice of artificial flowers & leaves.

Sugar Skull Painted Pumpkin

pumpkin painted ideas

These two pumpkins are definitely very creative! The pumpkin on the left features a pumpkin painted in white with a sugar skull design and the pumpkin of the right has a nice haunted house and tree silhouette painted on it.

Classic Jack-o-Lantern

Little orange pumpkins with painted faces for Halloween
Little orange pumpkins with painted faces for Halloween

Pumpkin Piggies!

Who says you have to decorate your pumpkins to look like Halloween decorations? These three little pink piggies are adorable!

Cute & Spooky All at Once


This pumpkin reminds us a little bit of the Nightmare Before Christmas – spooky and cute at the same time!

The Scary Pumpkin King

scary pumpkin king

Don’t mess with the pumpkin king!

Just Add Googly Eyes: No Glue or Paint Needed!

These sort of pumpkins don’t even need to be painted. You can buy extra large craft eyes with the adhesive backing already on them, making this is a great easy and mess-free Halloween craft to do with kids.

The Strange, Funny & Silly Painted Pumpkins

We found some pretty silly – and sometimes just strange – ideas for different ways to paint pumpkins. These may not be your own personal style, but they sure do show just how creative you can be!

Pumpkin Head People

We found an abundance of pumpkin people! If you want to do some silly or quirky, these are all great ideas!

funny pumpkin
This pumpkin person looks like they had a rough day at the office.
tanya the turnip

We’re not sure what the story is with Tanya Turnip in this photo we found on Pixabay, but it does give us lots of inspiration to make our own pumpkin people characters!

Do you have a Halloween pumpkin painting idea you’d like us to include in this post? Submit your creative projects here!

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