Valentine’s Day Cookie Ideas

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Share a sweet treat with your Valentine by baking up some of these lovely Valentine’s Day cookie ideas! Here are some of our favorite recipes and decoration ideas for Valentine’s Day cookies your sweetheart is sure to enjoy.

Valentine cookies
Valentine cookies

1. Heart Shaped Shortbread Cookies

heart shaped shortbread valentine cookies

These shortbread cookies are very simple to make and have that perfect texture and just the right amount of sweetness! Use a heart shaped cookie cutter when you roll out the dough and you’ll have lovely tasty cookies in no time!

2. Chocolate Valentine’s Day Cookies

Chocolate cookies for Valentine's day
Chocolate cookies for Valentine’s day

These chocolate Valentine’s Day cookies are made with a simple recipe and can be stamped with any type of design you wish!

3. Heart Shaped Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies

Who says Gingerbread cookies are only for Christmas? If you love gingerbread cookies, here’s the perfect chance to make your very own Gingerbread Valentine’s Day cookies. Simply roll out, use heart shaped cookie cutters and glaze with pretty white lace icing.

4. Jam Filled Cookies With Hearts

Heart shaped cookies with strawberry filling

These cookies are a bit more complicated to make, but oh-so worth the final results! You can use strawberry jam, raspberry jam or even cherry pie filling to make these a sweet treat sure to delight everyone on Valentine’s Day.

5. Frosted Valentine’s Day Cookies With Sprinkles

Heart shaped Valentine's Day cookies with icing or frosting and sprinkles.
Heart shaped Valentine’s Day cookies with icing or frosting and sprinkles.

Using a basic sugar cookie recipe, you can cut out heart shapes and then frost with your favorite icing. Just add pink and red sprinkles!

6. Macarons

Valentines day with macaroons
Valentines day with macaroons

The classic macaroon, which became popular in France, is one of our favorite treats for Valentine’s Day. They aren’t the easiest cookie to make for beginners, but the results are satisfying with some patience and careful attention to following the recipe and directions. They are such a treat for anyone on Valentine’s Day since they aren’t a cookie you eat every day.

7. Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

cookie, peanut butter blossoms

These peanut butter kiss cookies are a Valentine’s favorite for us for two reasons – one is because they use Hershey’s chocolate kisses! And two, they are a common cookie featured at weddings at the cookie table. These are simple to make using a basic peanut butter cookie recipe, and then just as the cookies come out of the oven you press the kisses into the center.

Do you have a Valentine’s Day cookie recipe you would like to share? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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