Where’s The Witch? Halloween Group Game for Young Kids

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Cats with witch accessories
Cats with witch accessories on white background

This is a fun game for kids that can be played even with very young children and toddlers. Older kids may be a bit skeptical about you talking to stuffed animals. {But they still might enjoy it!}

Note: If you like the general idea of this game but do not want to use a witch {ie: for a church group where witchcraft would be conflicting}, you definitely might want to check out our variation for “Help Cat Find a Pumpkin” game.

How to Play Where’s the Witch Halloween Game

Preparation & Materials:

For this game, you will need a plush toy witch and plush toy black cat. You very well may already have these at home, but there are a bazillion adorable versions you can order online. 🙂

When kids are not in the room for the party, carefully and strategically hide the witch plush character somewhere in the room completely out of sight from the kids.

Game Story

When you are ready to play the game, introduce the black cat plush toy to the kids.

Say to the kids,

“Oh no! It looks like we have a lost cat here! Wait, what’s that?”

Hold up the cat to your ear and pretend it is whispering something to you. “Oh dear, the cat has lost his owner!” – “What? Your owner is a witch? She fell off her broom and now you can’t find her?!!”

Turn to the kids, “Do you think we can find the missing witch? The cat says she is sure to be somewhere in this room?”

Have the kids look in certain places where the witch/pumpkin most definitely is not. You can either call on specific kids in the group to check specific spots of the room, or you can let them all go to a certain area depending on space and size.

For example, you could have them check in the closet, or behind a piece of furniture, or inside a drawer of a desk.

Keep playing up the cat’s distress and ask kids for other suggestions for where the witch could be.

Once you find the witch & reveal where it is, make a big deal of the cat and the witch being so happy for the kids help for re-uniting them.

After this game, you can tell the kids to thank them the witch and cat have made a special treat for them and pass out a snack, stickers or other treat the group might enjoy.

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