International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day

International coffee day is a global celebration and recognition of all things coffee!

international coffee day

It is officially celebrated on October 1st worldwide, although in previous years it was celebrated on May 24 in Brazil and September 29th in the United States, so there is sometimes some confusion on what day to celebrate.

Of course, coffee is great, so we could celebrate every day and I don’t think anyone would complain!

Why Celebrate International Coffee Day? Why Does This Holiday Exist?

You must not drink coffee if you are asking this question! Coffee is what many of us depend on each and every day to wake up with in the morning!

International Coffee Day is organized by the International Coffee Organization. This organization works to help ensure fair trade and sustainable coffee practices globally.

October 1st is the Correct and Official Day to Celebrate

This holiday has been celebrated globally and observed on different days of the year, depending on the location. However, this can be confusing with so many different dates in different countries, and so that is why October 1st has been designated as the official International Coffee Day.

This is a day to celebrate everyone who contributes to growing, producing, and serving coffee.

Look for Local Celebrations Near You

Many companies and restaurants will serve free coffee these days, so keep a look out for different businesses near you to see if you can get a free cup of coffee.

You can also often find sales on coffee online and in stores – so if you’re looking to try a new variety of coffee or want to stock up and save, this is the time to do it!

How to Celebrate International Coffee Day?

There are plenty of ways to celebrate this day surrounding all things coffee.

Brew a Cup of Coffee at Home

Want to brew that perfect cup of coffee at home? It’s easy to do!

Visit Your Favorite Coffee Shop

There are many great coffee shops that serve coffee. Whether you head to a national chain like Starbucks or visit a local and independently owned coffee bar near you, this is a great time to do so!

Give a Coffee Gift Basket to a Friend

It is super easy and fun to make a DIY coffee gift basket – and whoever you give it to is sure to appreciate the gift! You can also find some really great pre-made coffee themed gift baskets to give as a simple and practical gift to any coffee lover.

Share Your Coffee Celebrations on Social Media

Use hashtag #internationalcoffeeday and #weheartholidays to share your cup of coffee celebrating this day!

Need some pictures to post? Take a photo of your coffee or you can freely use this post card shown above provided by the International Coffee Organization.

Learn About the History of Coffee

Coffee has a very fascinating history – and it is even more fascinating to learn how a cup of coffee you enjoy every morning is grown, processed, and delivered.

  • Fun Facts About Coffee

Listen to Songs About Coffee

Is there music about coffee? You bet there is! Crank these songs up, download them, and make your very own favorite coffee songs playlist.

  • Songs About Coffee

Join a Coffee & Conversation Community Group

There are many local groups on websites such as and others that are coffee and conversation groups. These groups are a great way to meet new friends and connect with local people in your community over a nice tasty cup of coffee.

I hope you enjoy International Coffee Day! Do you have any ideas for ways to celebrate and honor this tasty warm beverage? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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