Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

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Are you looking for some inspiration for how to decorate for Valentine’s Day this year? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Valentine’s Day decorations to inspire you to add some love and sweetness to your home this February 14th!

1. Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Wreath

This rustic heart shaped Valentine’s Day wreath is a perfect accent to any wall or door in the home.A pretty pink or red bow at the top adds a touch of whimsy and elegance.

You can easily make one yourself using a heart-shaped frame and some artificial red berries. Most craft stores usually have a wonderful selection of seasonal wreath making supplies!

2. Heart Shaped Succulent Planters

Bring some much needed greenery in the winter to decorate any sunny spot with these adorable heart shaped pans, perfect for housing some decorative succulents.

3. Decorated Mason Jars

Mason jars never go out of style and this is a very easy DIY – simply wrap mason jars with some Burlap ribbon, stamp/paint a red heart and access with some red and white bakers twine!

4. Simple Paper Heart Garland

This cute and simple paper heart garland is very easy to make! Simply cut out paper hearts from pink or red construction paper, fold in half to give them a crease, and then hang them from a piece of twine with miniature clothes pins.

You could also opt to use Baker’s Twine and pretty patterned Scrapbook paper as shown below!

5. Be Mine Wooden Blocks

Making these Valentine’s wooden blocks couldn’t be easier. All you need are wood blocks and some pink in red, white, and pink colors. If you like the shabby chic look, you can get this effect by using Crackle paint.

6. Heart Shaped Candles

These heart shaped candles are perfect for setting the mood for some romance!

7. Love Letter Blocks

If painting your own blocks seems difficult or too messy, the good news is you can make these simple and classy decorative blocks with letter stickers.

8. Love is an Open Book

This is such a simple and fun idea for ways to decorate your desk or coffee table for Valentine’s Day! Simply open up any book {we recommend perhaps a good love story or maybe a book of love poems!} and add heart confetti.

9. Valentine’s Day Mailbox

Everybody knows the tradition of Valentine’s Day is to send and receive Valentine cards – and this rustic letterbox with a heart might just be the perfect wall decoration for indoors or out!

10. Decorative Valentine’s Day Plants

Any kind of plant can become a Valentine’s Day plant with the right decorations! These felt plant markers are easy to make – all you need are small wooden dowels and a felt heart. Wrap the pot with pretty heart stamped kraft paper and some ribbon and you have lovely accents for your home.

11. Red Rose, Heart & Key Table Centerpiece

Dress up any table with this easy to put together Valentine’s Day centerpiece! All you will need are red hearts cut out of construction paper, an old style skeleton key with ribbon and a bouquet of roses.

12. Heart Shaped Jewelry Box

This is a beautiful idea for a way to decorate an end table or side table. Simply cover with a piece of silk cloth, and place a heart shaped jewelry box with some different pieces that bring you joy. This is also a great way to remember your loved ones for the Valentine’s Day holiday if you have any sentimental pieces in your collection.

13. Valentine’s Day Balloons

Everything is more special with balloons and Valentine’s Day is no exception! This is a very easy Valentine’s Day idea, as you can often get balloons at dollar stores or your local florist or gift shop around the season.

How about these sweet emoji balloons below?

14. Love Letters

Wooden letters are always popular for decorating, and this is one you might even keep year round. Simply accent with roses and candy chocolate hearts when February 14th rolls around!

You can even use these as a pretty table centerpiece paired with a vase of carnations or roses and heart-shaped ornaments as shown below.

15. Perpetual Wooden Callander

We LOVE wooden perpetual calendars such as these ones because they are so universal and can be used for all sorts of holidays! For example, you can set it to February 14th for the month of February – and use the same decoration to celebrate year round for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving Christmas and more – just change the date!

16. Valentine’s Day Shelf Decorating Idea

Do you have a shelf or fireplace mantel you want to decorate for the holidays? We love this simple concept of a wooden heart box with red candles, a decorative red polka dotted mug, a heart made from burlap and a sweet pretty wrapped gift box.

17. Heart Shaped Boxes

A red heart-shaped candy box or heart shaped gift box can be used to decorate in so many ways! We love the idea of pairing it with fresh tulips in a white pitcher for a fresh change of pace from the usual roses.

18. Decorate Year Round With a Chalkboard

Chalkboards are great for decorating, especially because you can use them for any season or any holiday! You can write anything on a slate chalkboard, from Happy Valentine’s Day to Be Mine to a favorite romantic love quote.

19. Yarn Wrapped Heart Frame Decoration

If you love the look and texture of yarn, but aren’t exactly skilled in crochet or knitting, this yarn craft is simple to make. All you need is a heart shaped frame cut out of cardboard and red yarn of your choosing. Wrap the yarn around the frame, secure tightly, and hang from a door or window.

We hope you enjoy these Valentine’s Day decorating ideas and of course if you have any favorite decorations or ideas not on this list, please do share them with us in the comments section below!

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